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2012 Strategic Plan

The Western Canada Section held a day-and-a-half planning session Februay 2/3, 2012 in Calgary, designed to review and update the section’s strategic plan. The meeting was well attended, with the 19 members in attendance representing a diverse group of industry professionals. We began the training by creating three strategic planning groups. These groups worked together throughout the session on the various activities included in the development of the plan. The focus of the session was to: review the section’s current strategic plan; determine if any goals could be transitioned to a business plan; review the current vision and mission statements; discuss alignment of the section plan with AWWA’s strategic plan; draft strategic planning goals and objectives; and discuss development of implementation plans.

Vision Statement

Western Canada Section of the AWWA is the leading local authoritative resource on safe water

Mission Statement

Western Canada Section of the AWWA unites local water community professionals in providing safe and sustainable water through committed leadership, innovated technology, constant knowledge exchange and continuous education.
2012 Strategic Plan 


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