Cross Connection Photo Contest - The Bad and the Ugly

You’ve probably heard about the good, the bad and the ugly.  In the world of potable water protection and backflow prevention, a certified specialist tester or inspector will find Cross Connections that are controlled and in too many cases, a bad cross connection with no control.  The 2014-2015 Bad and Ugly contest was a success and it will now be offered on an annual basis.

Here is a chance to share what you have come across in the field, we are looking for the bad and the ugly…cross connections of course.

For an entry in our contest, please submit a photo of the cross connection and a brief explanation of your assessment and recommendations.

The cross connection photos will be judged by a panel of Cross Connection Control educators and regulators from the Western Canada Section AWWA Cross Connection Control Committee.  

Please note this contest is for Cross Connection Control awareness and educational purposes only, we request that no location or building owner information is included in your entry submission.  Please report your concerns of the Cross Connection to the owner of the building where appropriate.

Some considerations for your photo:

  • Device selection
  • Hazard application
  • Device installation and orientation
  • Device height and access for testing 
  • Device drain or lack of drain 
  • Tag or no tag, test cock plugs or no plugs, 
  • Using test cocks for other purposes
  • Device or assembly broken up
  • Poor plumbing practices, supports and connections and others. 

click here for more information and to submit your pictures