Nominations Deadline April 30

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George Warren Fuller Award

The George Warren Fuller Award is presented annually by the AWWA to a selected member of the section for their distinguished service to the water supply field in commemoration of the sound engineering skill, brilliant diplomatic talent, and constructive leadership which characterized the life of George Warren Fuller.

  1971 Patrick Buothillier 1989 David Spink 2008 Bert Munro
  1972 R.C. Sommerville 1990 Al Schwinghamer 2009 Ray Bilevicius
  1973 Ozzie Mang 1991 Peter Lawson 2010 Simon Thomas
  1974 Donald R. Graham 1993 Les Gammie 2011 Bill Bullee
  1976 F. Gordon Denson 1995 Allan Davies 2012 Duane Griffin
  1978 William McKay 1996 Erika Hargesheimer 2013 Ian Wright
  1979 George Balacko 1997 Tom Pearson 2014 Mark Keller
  1982 Eric Davis 1999 Dan Hogan 2015 Doug Taniguchi
  1983 Ian B. Henderson 2000 Bill Brant 2016 Garry Drachenberg
  1984 David Shillabeer 2002 Gordon Finch 2017 Calvin Sexsmith
  1985 Gerald Samuel 2003 Kelly Kjartanson    
  1986 Gene Dzugan 2005 Don Poon    
  1987 Rodger McDonald 2006 Terry Kjartanson    
  1988 Arthur Sparling 2007 Dan Limacher    

WCS AWWA Outstanding Service Award

The purpose of this Award is to recognize those individual members who have provided valuable service and support for WCS AWWA programs and goals through their long standing WCS membership.  Nominations should be a person for outstanding service related to activities in support of AWWA.  This award may be conferred annually upon a member of the WCS who has demonstrated extraordinary loyalty to and support of AWWA through voluntary service in the form of Section Leadership and Administration, Membership Recruitment, Technical Contributions, Training, Encouragement and/or Support; a level of service above and beyond the call of duty that contribute substantially to the success of the WCS AWWA.

  2010 Kelly Kjartanson 2012 Ray Bilevicius
  2010 Duane Griffin 2013 Paul Wobma
  2010 Don Poon 2014 Lorne Mireau
  2010 Cal Sexsmith 2014 Ken Wiens
  2010 Gerald Samuel 2015 Bill Brant
  2010 Dan Limacher 2015 Barry Williamson
  2011 Terry Kjartanson 2016 Ryan Roberts
  2011 Rodger McDonald 2016 Dean Wigmore
  2011 Simon Thomas 2017 Ryan Johnson

Leader of Tomorrow

This award recognizes the contributions of young members whose service and achievements are exceptional for their years of experience. The award is given to an emerging leader who has demonstrated an active commitment to the Association and the water industry as a whole.

2014 Brent Houle
2015 Bill Burgess 
2016 Max Wong 
2017 Jasmine Wang

Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award

The Kenneth J. Miller Founders’ Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service to Water For People was established in 2001 to recognize volunteers for their outstanding service and leadership in the advancement of the Water For People mission.

2001 Kathy Abramowski 2009 Doug Campbell
2002 Doug Seargeant 2010 Audrey Arisman
2003 Lisbeth Liebgott 2012 Paul Klassen
2004 Brian Pfeifer 2016 Anne Bridgman
2007 Doug Thorson 2017 Kari MacDonald
2008 Randy Bracewell    

Dave Walker Award

The Dave Walker Award was established in 1993 by the Western Canada Section AWWA, Cross Connection Control Committee to recognize those whose careers in this program exemplify vision, constructive leadership, excellent professional performance, and accomplishment characteristic of the late David Walker’s productive career.

1993 Dave Walker 2005 Reg Hammer
1994 Roland Tomuschat 2007 Gary Coons
1994 Ron Stecky 2008 Michael Haslam
1995 Robert Sneddon 2009 Sheldon Diduck
1996 Russell Briscoe 2010 Danny Wilson
1997 Jim Green 2012 Daniel Larson
1998 Robert Hartman 2017 Michael BirKS
2002 Doug Snider