YP Mission Statement

We intend to develop programs of interest to young professionals in the water industry. We will promote the benefits of membership in AWWA by increasing opportunities for participation, career development and to identify younger industry members who can be encouraged to take an active leadership role in the associationWhere do the YPs fit into the Organizational Structure?

WCS AWWA Organization Chart

Board Support

The Chair Elect or designate shall act as the Board Liaison.

YP Chair Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Reviews the past chair’s correspondences and Board’s Annual Strategic Plan
  2. Prepares a proposed work plan and budget that aligns with strategic plan to board liaison before year end December 31
  3. Motivates YP members to volunteer on the committee and ensures there is an adequate number of committee members
  4. Selects a YP contact for each major city (i.e. Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg)
  5. Presents work plans with budget figures to the Board at the annual strategic planning session, usually held in February
  6. Arranges a minimum of six meetings per year, one in person and the others by conference calls
  7. Represents the section at national AWWA YP Summit
  8. Explores potential partnerships with other appropriate associations
  9. Prepares the year end report and remains on the committee as past chair

Please Note: Chair rotates annually to coincide with WCW Conference & Exhibition

YP Chair Job Description

YP Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Organizes at a minimum one networking event per each major city annually
  2. Coordinates a ½ day workshop and hosts a networking event at the WCW Annual Conference & Exhibition
  3. Establishes a contact list of YPs for easy communication; ensure regular, open communication between members of the committee and other association YPs such as WC WEA and Water for People.
  4. Assists the association to maintain the YP web page content which displays general YP information, events, committee members and updates.
  5. Participates in committee conference calls
  6. Enhances YPs understanding of the various associations under the Western Canada Water umbrella.
  7. Encourages participation and increase membership in AWWA by attending university and college career days annually
  8. Investigates the development of YP sections at each university
  9. Works in conjunction with the appropriate associations to promote the importance of the water and wastewater industry in our communities and promote best practices for development, operation, and management of this industry.
  10. Encourages YP involvement in knowledge sharing activities such as authoring papers, presentations, and development of seminars and sessions.

YP Committee Member Job Description

Want to get involved?

Want to take an active role in AWWA? Please contact us at yp@wcsawwa.net