Nomination Committee – Shape of Association

This Committee serves to develop nominations from the membership to fill available positions on the Section Board.  It’s your opportunity to help shape the future of your association.

The Section Past-Chair shall chair the Nominating Committee. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall select at least two other members of the Committee, and these members shall have significant AWWA experience, able to identify and assist in the nomination of candidates. The Section Director shall be a member of this Committee.


  1. Designate Section members as nominees to fill various open offices
  2. Ascertain that the potential candidate is willing and able to devote the necessary time required to conduct the duties of the particular
  3. Obtain acceptance from all nominees before submission of the final nomination slate.
  4. The Nominating Committee shall endeavour to select its nominees as follows:
    1. Director: when a vacancy exists, from available Past Chairs or those who will be a Past Chair at the time of taking office.
    2. Vice-Chair: from available Trustees in the last year of their term of office, past Trustees who have not served as a Chair of the Board, Committee Chairs or active Committee members, or suitable strong candidates from the membership at large
    3. Trustee: from available members of Standing and other Section Committees, members who have served on Committees or other AWWA Committees, or suitable strong candidates from the membership at large
    4. CAC Member at Large: from past board members. Board to make final selection for recommendation to AWWA.
  5. Endeavour to achieve a Board, the makeup of which will represent the various constituents of the membership of the Section, with due regard to diversity and geographic issues.


  1. Meet at least once a year; conduct business by electronic media/mail if necessary.
  2. The Committee must signify approval of the final nomination slate by a majority of the Committee.
  3. Submit the final slate of nominees to the Section Secretary not later than ninety (90) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.