Cross Connection Control Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide education, training, and information to water industry personnel designed to achieve control of cross-connections and thereby prevent contamination of public drinking water caused by backflow.

It’s your opportunity to stay informed, share your expertise and grow your career.

Committee membership is defined in the Comittees' Terms of Reference.  A Trustee shall be designated by the Board to act as the Board Liaison.


  1. To assemble and disseminate information for water utility systems identifying and mitigating and mitigating the potential hazards of cross connection and recommendations for methods of control
  2. Liaise with Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments on the enforcement of applicable codes as well as non-compliance issues.
  3. The Committee Chair is encouraged to report on the activities of the Committee for use in the water publication which may be used by the Section from time to time.
  4. Members of the Committee are encouraged to submit seminar topics and speakers for the Conferences and/or Seminars.
  5. Review and act in accordance with Strategic Plan.
  6. Prepare and submit to the Board (via the Board Liaison):
    1. Proposed Committee budget for the following year (to be submitted prior to the Annual Meeting)
    2. Year-end Committee report (to be submitted by the end of the calendar year)
    3. Committee Work Plan for the following year (to be submitted to the Board in advance of the winter Strategic Planning meeting).


  1. Meet at least once a year (meeting generally held end of May).
  2. Meet several times each year by conference calls and/or via electronic media/mail.
  3. Committee Chair to attend Section Annual Meeting and other Board meetings (eg. mid-year, strategic planning) as requested by the Section Chair.


  1. As determined by the Policy and Practice of the Cross Connection Control Committee.