Canadian Cross Connection Control Steering Committee

Current Chair:
Michael Birks, OWWA -

CCCCSC Terms of Reference and Responsibilities

1.1.1. The committee shall consist of two voting members from each participating Canadian AWWA section.

1.1.2. A participating section is defined as any section that has established a Cross Connection Control Committee with a balanced membership matrix that has been approved by the individual section and this committee and utilizes the National Cross Connection Control Manual in its certification program.

1.1.3. All members shall be AWWA members in good standing or the designated representative of a Utility or Corporate membership and shall have the sole and exclusive right to vote.

1.1.4. There shall be a maximum of ten (10) voting members.

1.1.5. Each sections’ designated representatives shall be updated annually in writing by the Chair of the participating section Cross Connection Control Committee to the Chair of the Canadian Cross Connection Control Steering Committee at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting of the committee.


1.2.1. The term of office for each committee member shall be two years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

1.2.2. It is recommended that the two representatives from an individual section do not leave the committee at the same time.


1.3.1. Regular Meetings - One half (1/2) of the voting members must be present at the time a vote is taken.

1.3.2. Letter Ballots - Two thirds (2/3) of voting members must respond with the majority being 50% of those returned.


1.4.1. The committee shall elect a Chair.

1.4.2. The term of office for the Chair shall be two years commencing with the close of the Annual Meeting of his/her election.

1.4.3. The responsibilities of the chair are as follows:

To foster the growth of committee activities, and

To chair committee meetings, and

To arrange an alternate to chair the meeting if unable to attend in person.


1.5.1. Manual - The committee shall co-ordinate all changes to the National Cross Connection Control Manual. All changes will proceed as detailed in section 3.

1.5.2. Exam Bank - The committee shall ensure that a National Exam Bank of questions be maintained and updated on a regular basis.

1.5.3. Standards and Codes - The committee shall ensure that each participating section works together to address issues that may arise related to standards and codes covering the construction, selection, installation and testing of backflow prevention devices.

1.5.4. Accreditation - The committee shall ensure a unified approach to accreditation in all participating sections.


2.1.1. There shall be a minimum of one Committee meeting per year to be arranged by the Chair.

2.1.2. All decisions shall be made by a majority of those voting members present (see Quorum Item 1.3).

2.1.3. The members’ section is asked to assume full expenses of traveling to the Committee meeting. If a voting member or his/her section is unable to assume the full expense a request can be made in writing to the Chair, at least 30 days prior to the meeting who will review the request and determine the amount of subsidy (if any) prior to attendance.

2.1.4. Any member, who wishes to bring a guest/observer to the meeting, must notify the Chair in writing one (1) month in advance of the meeting. Due to space limitations, the Chair has the right to limit the number of guests/observers to the meeting.

2.1.5. It is recommended that any incoming member of the committee attend as a guest the year prior to joining the committee as a voting member.


The Order of Business at any meeting of the Committee or Executive shall be as follows and shall include any of the following items that are applicable:

2.3.1. Call to order

2.3.2. Acceptance of agenda

2.3.3. Membership

2.3.4. Adoption of Minutes

2.3.5. Election of committee chair (as required)

2.3.6. Business arising from the Minutes

2.3.7. Report of the Chair

2.3.8. Reading of Communication and Notices

2.3.9. Section Committee Reports

2.3.10. Sub-committee Reports

2.3.11. New Business

2.3.12. Unfinished Business

2.3.13. Next meeting date

2.3.14. Adjournment


3.1.1. The committee shall review proposed change to the Manual prior to balloting.

3.1.2. Each participating Section Cross Connection Control Committee shall process ballots simultaneously.

3.1.3. Each individual Section Committee shall follow due process in the disposition of the results of the ballot (see section 4).

3.1.4. The results of each Section ballot shall be reported in writing to this committee.

3.1.5. This committee shall resolve and disposition any conflicts that may arise based on the results of the individual section ballots.

3.1.6. All Participating Section Cross Connection Control Committees shall vote in favor of the proposed change in order for it to be accepted as a change to the Manual.


4.1.1. From time to time the Committee will be asked to participate in a Letter Ballot and it is the responsibility of the voting members to return the letter ballot as requested. Failure to do so could result in a loss of voting status.

4.1.2. All negative votes must be addressed and dispositioned (Ruled as persuasive or non- Persuasive).

4.1.3. A negative vote may be ruled "non-germane" if it is not accompanied with supporting reasons or if the negative vote and supporting reasons are not considered relevant to the item being balloted



4.1. General


3.1. General

2.2. Order of Business




2.1. General

1.5. Committee Responsibilities

1.4. Officers, Terms of Office and Responsibilities

1.3. Quorum

1.2. Term of Office


1.1. Members