Current funds are being directed to Peru, a country in dire need at this time.

Water For People began work in Peru in 2008, selecting three rural municipalities: Cascas and Tumbaden in northern Peru, and Majes in southern Peru. Water For People–Peru later incorporated sustainable sanitation work in peri-urban Arequipa. Currently Everyone Forever programming is taking place in two districts: Cascas, in the Region of La Libertad, and Asunción, a new district in the Region of Cajamarca selected in 2013.


The Everyone Forever program targets specific districts and municipalities that can act as a model for replication across the country. Cascas is the capital of the province of Gran Chimú in the Region of La Libertad. The main town of Cascas is 110 km from Trujillo, where the Water For People-Peru office is located. The district has a population of 14,191 inhabitants, 68% of whom live in rural areas. Cascas has a warm climate—dry all year with an average temperature of 66°F. The economy is based on agriculture, including wine grapes, rice, alfalfa, tomatoes, and fruit. Some farmers also raise livestock. Cascas has 47 communities and 79 educational institutions. Water For People-Peru initiated its first work in Cascas in 2011 and since then has achieved great progress, including convincing the municipal government to hire an engineer dedicated to water and sanitation, installation of micro-meters (the first district to do so), and creating and piloting a water, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources management curriculum.

Asunción is located in the beautiful mountainous Region of Cajamarca, 70km from main town of Cajamarca. This district has a population of 11,757 people living in 33 communities. In 2013 Water For People-Peru signed an agreement with the Regional Government of Cajamarca as well as the district government of Asunción to work towards reaching Everyone Forever in this district and mapped the district using Akvo-FLOW. Our first programming is underway in 2014.